Ainsi, on Ut dans le chapitre ccxlvii: Je n’ai pas de sucre ni nor de beurre. Du cafe au lait Please call me to-morrow morn- ing at 7 o’clock, and bring my breakfast up to my room. THE is rendered in French by: The adjectives bel, nouvel. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Bianchi, secrétaire interprète du Roi pour les langues orientales.

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Without board 10 francs a day; with full board la francs per person. Combien de crayons ont-ils? À cet effet, le conseil nommera, chaque année, dans la séance qui’ suivra la séance générale de la Société, une commission de trois de ses membres. Notice sur les Yang delà Chine, par M. Dun ou de plusieurs présidents honoraires, Un président, Deux vice-présidents, Un secrétaire , Un secrétaire adjoint et bibliothécaire, Un trésorier, Trois commissaires pour lés fonds, Vingt-quatre membres ordinaires. Ce piano-ci est moins bon que celui-la.

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The vocabularies, containing a careful selection of words in daily use, grouped aeeordtng to the tubject, with related cowoertatioiu, giving all possible nuterial for conversational purposes. The practical and txtenaioe « conversations » on every-day topics of life, according to the way of living and thinking of the French People, and not a translation of the Englidi [email protected] of expression as given in many text books. The useful alphabetical lists of idioms, proverbs, letter-writing forms, commercial and military expressions, etc.

OAUDBL L’auteur se reserve tous les droits sar cet ouvrage en France et i Epeaker et poursuivra, en vertu des [email protected], dicrets et traites interna tionaux, toute reproduc- tion partielle ou geniralecontrefacon on traduction. What ia the best way of learatng French? Position of adjectives 45 gth. Alphabetical lists of simple and compound prepositioas. Kiferent parts of a town end gh. Parts of a house, furniture, household utensils, etc.

Parts of a house, furniture, etc continued fth. Parts of a house, furniture, etc. Poet-oflfcc — Writing materials 4th. Days, months, seasons, etc. The weather 9th, Food lotb. Food continuedcooking expressions iJth. Materials, colours, srt i 15th. The hat, trimmings, etc ]8th. Gentlemen’s attire, shoes 19th. Jewels, precious stones, etc 2ist. Parts of the body — The soul and its faculties, qualities, and defects 29th.


Diseases and remedies 36th. Dignitaries, professions, sciences, etc. Professions continuedand trades ajth. Games and sports aand. Trees I 30th, Travelling expressions 31st. At the restaurant coatinued j9 12th. At the restaurant continned 70 13th. At the restaurant end 76 4iilL The time a4 nink. A visit, compliments 31 6th, Invitation to tea 36 ijri An evening party I76 22iid. At the theatre 8tti. With the laundress 47 14th.

At the dressmaker’s fittingj 91 i6ih.

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At the milliner’s 97 17th. At the tailor’s II4 — At the shoemaker’s 19th. At Ihe hairdresser’s — At the barber’s, 20th. At the clockmaker’s 14a — At the jeweller’s 21SL At the bookseller’s 24th, At the tobacconist’s 29th.

Idioms and gallicisms in extensive use — Proverbs 28th. The following arc the two principal methods employed in the teaching of a foreign language: By this method the student might, with the aid of a dic- tionary, eventually succeed in reading and writing, but he could only hope to speak the language a very little, and understand it even less. The other system is entirely opposed to this one, in that it claims to teach without any grammar at all, and without translation, solely through the means of conversation.

This method may perhaps seem attractive to one who has never studied any language but his own, bdt it cannot be acceptable to anyone who has some acquaintance with a foreign language, and who has the faculty of logical reason- ing. In fact, it must inevitably follow that a student who Icams a language by this system can acquire but a narrow and very super- ficial knowledge of certain subjects, since he is always guessing at what he hears, and repeating it and replj-ing to it in accordance with what he thinks it means, without gaining any knowledge what- ever of the constrttctian of the sentence.

Moreover, this system is exceedingly slow, as the explanation of each separate word takes several minutes, and requires a considerable number of lessons. It is, besides, very tiring for the student, who is constantly being called upon to guess at the words and endeavour to under- stand the reason for certain turns of phrases especially in the case of the French language, with its complicated grammarwhich would be grasped far more readily, easily and accurately through the medium of his own language.

Advocates of this system assert that it is in this mafiJiJphat children learn their own language. But, can the intelligence oian adult be compared with that of a child?

In pointing out the disadvantages of these two systems, I have no desire whatever to wound or injure anyone; my sole aim is to show the way to those who are thinking of embarking upon the study of a language, and to spare them a labour which will be long, tiring and of little profit, if, indeed, it be not positively harmful; for long experience in teaching has shown me that it is very difficult to obtain good results from a student who has been badly taught at the beginning.

What Is the best -vay of learning French? From my experi- ence and according to my own convictions, it is as follows: When the student has acquired a fairly good knowledge of these rules and words, the teacher should gradually give up the use of English in his explanations and set his pupil exercises in conversation, entirely in French, as well as ‘ other exercises, according to the capacity of the student, the time he can devote to his study and his requirements.

On the other hand there are dry and ‘ uninteresting grammars full of rarely used rules, which encumber the memory to the detriment of more important ones ; also in the exercises, insufficient attention is paid to the thorough application. Moreover the greater part of the vocabularies given in these books are ar- ranged without order or method, and contain a large number of ‘ rare or obsolete words while they lack many of those in daily use.

In short, most previous works give either too much or too little, and ‘ the practical side is lost sight of. My aim has therefore been to produce something entirely different from all existing meth- ods which would meet the general requirements,  » The Ideal System  » teaches simultaneously theory and prac- tice and contains only iKhat is worth learning. I This bo6k is complete for the practical study of French.


It combines several works in one volume and answers exactly the A Tieeds of modem life. The illustration of the rules by numerous, well-chosen, ex- ‘ amples. The key to acquire rapidly several thousand words alike, or nearly so, in both languages, and, amongst other useful lists, those of the verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections in common use, which are arranged according to the alphabetical order of the English words, 4th.

The careful selection of words in daily use, grouped accord- ing to the subject and in a natural order, in complete vocabularies. The exercises illustrating minutely each of the various forms of the rules, tenses of the verbs, and the words of the vo- cabularies. The practical and extensive  » Conversations  » adapted to. The commercial expressions, formulas of letter-writing, 1 proverbs, etc.

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To resume, I have endeavoured to construct an  » Ideal ‘ Method  » by uniting, in the clearest and most concise manner. It was not written with j merely speculative aims, but represents obviously a very considerable amount of careful work which could only have been undertaken by 1 one devoted to her profession.

The wide- spread popularity of the book has been due to the warm interest of school and college instructors and individual pupils who have profited by its use, and who have bimk eager to make known to others the value it bino had for them.

Some changes and additions in me subject matter and grouping have been made also, but the general arrangement of uie book remains as before, the consensus of opinion having been that it could not be improved upon in this particular ; and this latter fact strengthens the bin with which a continuation and increase of the former enthusiastic interest in  » The Ideal System  » is sey.

This is in the form of a section by itself, containing military and naval termii in common use, classified by subjects in natural order, the very words and expressions needed immediately in France, tables for the construction of further easy sentences, and a general vocabulary of all the words of the book.

The soldiers will thus have in one volume all that they need — proper construction of the language, extensive vocabularies, classified according to the bik, practical  » conver- spdaker  » in the purest Parisian French, military terms, dictionary, etc- — and can study at first the material they require most from the military section, continuing at bini the lessons in the main part of the book.

The author will be glad to give every possible assistance to those studying alone. The previous edition was named « The Liberty Edition » in honor of the entrance of America into the war, and to the present has been given the name « The Victory Edition » in the abiding faith that the participation of America with all its powerful forces and great resources will assure final victory to the Allied Cause.

The heart dpeaker the French people is bursting with gratitude at the altruism of America in the fight for Humanity and Justice, and the relief of sufTering France — every man, woman and child cherishes the « Stars and Stripes » as the emblem of Freedom.

In returning to France the author will carry with her the pleasantest memories of the unfailing kindness and courtesy of the great American people. The student sspeaker master these pretty well in a few drills, learning several sounds each day, if pos- sible with a native or good [email protected] instructor.

He should then be able to pronounce well any word from this book or any other. Examples A, aiapart 1x, mm, ayenue. Examples, O in or Mrtre. The vowels composing the otfier diphthongs keep their original pronandation, but they must be sounded in a single emission of the voice, ex.

E is often silent in the middle of words.

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